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Poultry & Farm Fresh Eggs

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Chicken or the egg? Why not both!


Our Bourbon Red turkeys are a heritage breed that have been around for centuries. Unlike the big-breasted hybrid turkeys you’d find in the freezer section at the supermarket, our turkeys spend their lives freely roaming the farm. They’re extremely tasty and the perfect centerpiece for your next family dinner!

We do not use any hormones, GMOs, or antibiotics. All meat is expertly cut, packaged, and wrapped at a USDA facility in California.

Our turkeys will be ready by Thanksgiving (but don’t tell them that!)  Pre-order yours now!



Try the eggs from our free range hens — you’ll taste the difference! Our hens roam throughout the farm getting fresh air and enjoying a diet of grass, bugs, and spent brewer’s grains.  We do not use any hormones, GMOs, or antibiotics. Due to their fresh diet and natural lifestyle, the yolks from their eggs are brighter and much more flavorful. Pick up some eggs to bring your avocado toast, omelette, or frittata to the next level.

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