All of our animals are raised to live as naturally as possible, with no hormones, GMOs, or antibiotics (except if they’re sick and need medical care!). They have plenty of room to run, interact with each other, and enjoy the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley sunshine.

Our animals enjoy a rich diet of grains, natural grasses, spent brewer’s grain, and seasonal vegetables from local farms, allowing them to stay healthy and develop a richer flavor.

Heritage Pigs:

Pigs that can be genetically traced back to their ancestors.

Pork Palace has numerous heritage pig breeds including Berkshire, Tamworth, and Duroc breeds.  Unlike the hybrid cross-bred pigs you’d find at a factory farm, our heritage pigs have been able to roam outside their entire lives. They can dig and wallow in the dirt or cool off inside the barn whenever they want. Piglets are allowed free access to their mothers and are carefully raised by Randy and the Pork Palace staff. 

Visit the Pork Palace to meet our 50+ Berkshire, Tamworth, and Duroc pigs.


Our South African Boer goats are bred for their meat (also known as chevon), not milk. Goat meat is one of the most popular around the world (it tastes like a mild steak), and it is also a healthier and more sustainable option than other red meats. Our goats graze freely on our 40 acres and are accompanied by their guardian dog, Sugar.


We introduced Black Spanish and Blue Slate heritage turkeys to the farm in 2018. Our turkeys are free range and enjoy the spent brewer’s grains, bugs around the farm, and whatever else they find during the day. At night, they enjoy sleeping in the barn rafters 20+ feet in the air. It’s quite a sight to see!  This year we are raising Bourbon Reds--originally from Bourbon County, Kentucky!! What could be better than that?  Bred in the late 1800’s they are known as one of the most beautiful of the Heritage Breeds.  Our turkeys are free range and are not fed hormones or antibiotics.  They may be smaller than their hybrid counterparts you see in the freezer section at the grocery store but they are full of flavor and quite delicious!


About The Pork Palace

In 1975, the Jones family left their home in Los Angeles and purchased what used to be the Live Oak Dairy, a 40-acre dairy farm 45 miles north of Santa Barbara on Highway 101. Together with their four boys (Bob, Randy, Gordon, and Allan), Sally and George Jones were heavily involved in 4-H, providing pigs for their own fair projects and quality show animals to other kids in the valley.


Over time, the family updated the farm to make room for their growing pig population and bring personality to the Pork Palace. A large Quonset hut that was used for storage has become a farm-style theater. The old milking barn, now covered in unique vintage signage, is the family’s “party barn.” The original 300-foot long barn that once housed cows is now home to several breeds of heritage pigs who are allowed to come and go as they please.

In 1994 Randy and Debbie returned to the farm to continue the tradition of raising quality show, breeding, and meat animals. Today, locals in the Santa Ynez Valley have come to know the Pork Palace as a respected source of heritage breeds of pigs, goats, turkeys and farm fresh eggs.  Both Debbie and Randy continue to support the local 4H and Future Farmers of America (FFA) as well as their involvement in Rotary, Vikings of Solvang, The Santa Ynez Valley Foundation and other local organizations.


In 2018, Randy partnered with Jennifer and David Bishop to bring locally raised pork, goat, turkeys, 100% grass fed beef and free range eggs to Santa Barbara County. Learn more about purchasing a fair animal or finding us at the farmers markets.


What makes the Pork Palace unique is the family's long-standing passion for natural and sustainable agriculture that does not sacrifice quality and flavor. They also share a passion for preserving the history and heritage of the area by maintaining the farm's historic 47-foot long barn that once housed cows and now is home to numerous breeds of heritage pigs who are allowed to come and go as they choose.

For more stories from the Jones family and the Pork Palace, check out the Spring 2018 edition of the Inside Santa Ynez Valley magazine.

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